Gmail invites

So I just handed out my last invites and I log in to my Gmail and low and behold, the “Invite a friend to join Gmail!” link is there again.

gmail screenshot

I’ve got 5 invites and don’t know who to give them to. So here’s the deal. Take a picture including the name “Emma” somewhere in the shot, post it somewhere, and leave a link to it in a comment on this post. You can write it on a piece of paper, print out a nice poster, tag it on the side of a boxcar (not that I’m condoning that, it’s illegal :D). Bonus points for originality and/or special presentation. PG-13 or G rated shots only, please. I’ll pick the best 5 on Wednesday (unless this goes crazy in which case it’ll be earlier) and send out the invites.

(thanks for the shots, guys. comments closed)


3 thoughts on “Gmail invites

  1. Emma

    Sorry that it’s a screenshot and not a photo, but it’s nighttime, I don’t feel like going outside hunting for *emma*, and my Jane Austen novel is currently missing 😉 I’ve already got Gmail so no invite needed, I just felt like participating.

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